Motor Vehicle and Equipment

Agora Capital can provide finance for businesses for the purchase of motor vehicles & equipment under a variety of commercial products such as ‘Specific Security Agreement’ (formerly called Chattel Mortgage), ‘Finance Lease’, ‘Commercial Hire Purchase’ & ‘Rental/Operating Lease’.

Some examples of assets that can be financed include:

  • Motor Vehicles – includes passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.
  • Trucks, Trailers, Forklifts, Buses etc.
  • Earthmoving & Agricultural equipment – excavators, backhoes, bobcats, tractors, headers, harvesters etc.
  • Medical & Dental equipment.
  • Office Equipment & Machinery (free standing only) – photocopiers, printers etc.

In addition, we can also provide finance for motor vehicles for “individuals” on the following basis:

  • Novated Lease,  or
  • Chattel Mortgage – where the vehicle qualifies for more than 51% business use (e.g. sales person receiving a car allowance).