Construction and Development Loans

Whether you are experienced Developer or not, Agora takes the guess work out of your Construction Loan Application because, as we assess all aspects of any proposed facility and then provide relevant feedback about loan parameters and / or pre-conditions that may be available, so you can determine how best to proceed.

Agora has access to construction funding based on either a fixed percentage of TDC (Total Development Cost) up to 80% and / or a fixed percentage of GRV (Gross Realisable Value) up to 75% of GRV (Ex GST).

To gain loan approval we require an understanding of the experience of the group, their financial position, along with a feasibility study for the project, (i.e. a minimum of 20%+ Return on Development Cost). Of course the geographic location will be important in determining the appropriate Lender.

Agora can facilitate loans in most cases without Pre-Sales Commitments.

For larger property developments (10m plus projects), Agora facilitates institutional based Total Development Cost (TDC) based facilities generally up to 80% of TDC but in some cases slightly higher.

If funding is required over and above that provided by the Senior Debt or 1st Mortgage Lender, we can arrange Preferred Equity or 2nd Mortgage funding as per our Product Guide.