Commercial Loans in Australia

With access to Australia’s leading Commercial Lenders, Agora can provide funding directly or facilitate finance for the entire spectrum of borrowing needs. Whether it is Vacant Land or Shopping Centres commercial properties have wide ranging lending parameters so credit submissions need to be optimised to achieve necessary outcomes.

Agora understands that each commercial asset has different lending parameters, so we carefully prepare loan submissions and work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, given that there are many different classes of commercial assets

Our products range from straight forward commercial investment loans to more highly leveraged facilities to cater to all conceivable asset classes. For example; we can access the following types of loan products:

Full / Low / No Doc Loans for all Commercial, Industrial and Retail Properties Leasehold & Freehold Loans for Hotels, Motels, Tourist Resorts, Service Stations, Child & Elderly Care Facilities, Working, Rural Properties (e.g. Plantations, Farms, Equestrian Centres etc.),

Non-Recourse Loans for Property Investment Syndicates and also Infrastructure Loans are also available.