Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding Explained

Litigation Funding is finance provided between a specialist funding company and a party who seeks to have the cost of prosecuting a legal claim funded as to some or all of the legal fees in exchange for giving a share of the claim proceeds to the litigation funding company.

A significant benefit with using litigation funding is that it is LIMITED RECOURSE, meaning the funder’s right to repayment is limited to claim proceeds. This means the Litigation Funder is only repaid the loan funds, if the borrower receives sufficient claim proceeds to repay the advance and the agreed SUCCESS FEE, which is an agreed share of the claim proceeds.

The legal costs involved in pursuing any form of commercial litigation can be considerable. Also the lack of certainty regarding the cost budget is a key concern for anyone embarking on litigation.

By working with a Litigation Funding Company, a client can remove this uncertainty, ensure the cash flow required for the claim is available and remove the financial risk associated with an unsuccessful claim in the form of adverse cost orders.

Where there is a stronger financial opponent litigation funding can help level the playing field by removing the opponent’s ability to outspend the claimant in a bid to stifle the claim. In certain cased having a litigation funder involved can encourage the opponent to settle the case at an earlier stage.

To have your claim assessed for funding please contact Michael Becker.

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Or mail your claim details to:

Litman Holdings Pty Limited
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Litigation Funding – Investment Opportunities

Agora has access to exclusive opportunities to invest in Class Actions. Documentation is available on request.

The funding arrangements are structured to minimise risk and maximise returns.

Please call Christiaan Jarvis on 0411-617-772 to discuss our current opportunities.